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Allwyn wins WorkForce Star award!


The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce held its annual “Stars over Dulles” awards ceremony on Wednesday December 13, 2017. The event was held at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel in Hendon Virginia where over 200 business and community representatives attended to share in the celebration.

Allwyn Corporation received the award for Workforce Leader of the Year! Allwyn Corporation was nominated by peers in the industry for outstanding work with the Chamber with regards to the GetaJob Dulles employment tool being used by the education community, the workforce agency and the employers in the Dulles Region to help connect job candidates with the employers seeking to fill positions.

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Allwyn Amazon Web Service Experience

All our products are being developed using cloud-based software solutions – Amazon Web Services and all our clients are very happy with its performance. AWS has passed over 1 million active customers — those being businesses, not individuals and we thought it would be a good to share the benefits of using AWS.

No upfront cost

If you think that AWS is only for giant organizations, you might be wrong. AWS has emerged as a platform to level the competitive field, enabling start-ups to leverage high-end technologies and infrastructure needs with ZERO Capital expenditure. With AWS you can focus on your operating expenses. Try getting a price quote from Oracle or any other commercial software’s and you risk spending money on covering the high upfront cost. With AWS you can save that money, this can be a big breather for early-stage startups by freeing some capital to be deployed at other areas of concern.

No long-term contracts

A startup or small business can begin reaping the rewards of the cloud without honoring any long-term contracts. You pay only for what you use. All server-backed services are charged on the hourly basis, so as soon as you terminate/stop a server, you won’t be billed for next hour.

Scalability and Redundancy

Traditionally, companies would physically buy their own servers to expand.  This has obvious disadvantages such as costs, having more hardware than necessary, having less hardware than necessary,  and hardware breakdowns when you don’t want it.

With AWS, you never own any hardware.  You share a small piece of Amazon’s gigantic hardware farm with thousands of other companies.  As your needs grow or shrink, you can rent a bigger/smaller piece of this gigantic farm with proportional price changes.  You don’t need to worry about maintaining this farm because Amazon does all of that. AWS’s focus on scalability allows businesses in any stage of growth to get the server horsepower and data throughput they need.

Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you have access to compute and storage resources when you need them

AWS has enabled customers not only retire servers which are redundant but to avoid expenses in maintaining the same for a prolonged period of time just because the cost of changing the servers were far more than the cost of running them.

Pay Per Use

A flexible pricing model gives businesses the opportunity to grow without over-committing to a long-term IT budget. Most of the AWS resources are available using pay-as-you-go pricing. Additionally, organizations only pay for the actual services they use which help to mitigate costs. AWS offers tier-based pricing for their Simple Storage Service (S3), charging organizations based on the amount of storage used

Memory, hard drive space, and CPUs can be tailored to exactly what you need. AWS is highly focused on reducing infrastructure cost for their customers. Tools like Trusted Advisor, or 3rd-party tools like Cloud Checker, Cloud ability, etc. can provide you insights to optimize cost within your existing setup on AWS.

AWS customers spend much less to use AWS than they would support the same workloads with their own data center resources.


With AWS, you use an infrastructure which is hosted on world-class data centers and servers. When you first setup your cloud infrastructure, AWS allows you to choose a location to set-up your virtual IT infrastructure. This location may either be closest to where the majority of your users are or where your developers and administrators are based

Multiple geographic regions and Availability Zones allow you to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures

AWS gives you the ability to configure built-in firewall rules from totally public to completely private or somewhere in between to control access to instances.

Global Leader

Amazon has a global presence with 10 regions, 36 availability zones and more than 50 edge locations. The worldwide spread of the AWS infrastructure ensures businesses in any location to be able to serve responsive online applications to their users in a fault freeway.

Source: Gartner (August 2016)

AWS has ranked first again in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure services in Q3 2016. Amazon has been a leader in this market since 2006, owing to its wide array of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, and has consistently improved its market share.

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