Allwyn enhances Customer Experience for GlaxoSmithKline’s Customers

Project Background:

GSK has 2 different divisions in terms of its User Profiles, namely Direct to Consumers (DTC) and Healthcare Professionals (HCP). Our team was tasked with enabling Customer Experience for the DTC Division. This involved working on the Customer Data Platform (CDP) use cases to gather information from the GSK websites based on actions and submitted inputs by the users and performing predefined set of activities/ tasks based on the same.

Key Challenges:

GSK was seeking a qualified Technology Partner to enhance the overall Customer Experience and Outreach for its end-users. GSK also wanted to establish Omni channel communication to drive more business by engaging more users in GSK’s Vaccine programs by making the website and program outreaches accessible for people of all demographics. One of the major challenges faced by GSK was with Data Collection and Data Qualification being caused due to Ad blockers, Plugins, and Browser restrictions.

Our Solution:

We enabled a use case for and wherein our team developed forms with cascading questions to collect User Information like symptoms, recent or past diseases or prescriptions, contact details, preference of frequency and channel of communication, etc. and captured into the Tealium CDP for further data qualification.

We also established omni channel communication (including E-mails, Social Media Platforms, SMS, etc.) with the end-users, based on these inputs using Twilio. For further re-marketing, we sent the site visitor information captured in Tealium to Facebook for targeted re- marketing.

For specific user inputs, where Data Collection and Qualification was an issue, our team reverse-engineered such issues to investigate and troubleshoot to ensure the Data Integrity in the Tealium CDP. Upon developing each use case, our team also performed A/B testing to understand customer behavior and develop innovative Experience design to enhance the End-user journey. We also performed constant monitoring of the operations of the use cases post development to avoid any kind of data or system failure issues.

Technologies Used:

Tealium, Adobe Campaign, Twilio, Facebook Marketing, Azure Cloud Platform, Adobe Target – Changing Content.

Pertinent Results:

Enhanced Customer Experience for GSK’s DTC End-users to engage in GSK Vaccine Programs. Established omni channel communication and targeted re-marketing through social media, E-mails, and SMS, hence, reducing the overall communication time.

Provided GSK users the ability to receive frequent Vaccine reminders over multiple communication channels. Our team is also supporting GSK with the Tealium Taxonomy refresh to separate the data fields for DTC and HCP profiles so as to avoid Data Mixing and potential Data Formulation issues. Currently, all the use cases are working on a single profile.

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