Allwyn helps City’s Residents by Modernizing Legacy Paperless Office System

Key Challenges:

City’s Department of Social Services intended to create a centralized system for processing cases and integrating the newly developed solution with the legacy system called Classic POS – Paperless Office System. There was a lack of documentation as well as an understanding of the business flow of the legacy application. Therefore, it was a complex task to find technical solutions and compatibility issues. It was also imperative to ensure that the key functionalities remain uninterrupted during implementation.

Scope of Work:

Allwyn worked on creating a centralized system for processing cases and integrating the newly developed solution with the legacy Paperless Office System. The Application provides SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) assistance to the City’s residents who are unemployed. Our team worked with the City’s stakeholders to understand the major objectives and automated the city-wide prioritization of work in a single list based on due dates. An added functionality also automatically assigns an action to the highest priority cases based on a set of the case, worked conditions.

The developed application is a workforce management and task assignment tool to achieve the following goals:

● Citywide processing, including universal processing and supervisory staff, electronic case management and assignment and priority dates

● Case management system modernization and integration with Streamlined POS (SPOS)

● Management strategies, including management structure, pivot staff, one-touch processing, managing to in-flow versus out-flow and managing work coming due.

We used Microsoft technologies like Dot.Net Core, Microservices, Angular, Typescript, Decisions tools. We also used Oracle in the backend for database operations.

Achievements/ Pertinent Results:

Application is focused on reducing the case processing backlogs throughout the city. It reduces the time and eliminates the center constraint to the customer. Reduced In-person/ manual procedures allow the City’s staff ability to focus on the core business and also provide the bandwidth for enhanced Value-Added Services to quickly move through backlogs.

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